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Storms Garage

"Don't let the sounds of your own wheels drive you crazy"

29 October
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Date Created:7/19/04
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Is probably an insane truck, but nice an sometimes lovable(HA!)to most none the less. Often described as 'Laid back smart ass, off the wall outta left field old soul...thing' Welcome to the garage.
Strengths: Loyalist, and believes in the greater good. An that there IS SOME hope for humanity. Is easy to please and amuse most of the time as well.
Weaknesses: Anxiety, the want to please certain people, and the fact her spirit is older then her body...And can have a nasty temper.
Special Skills: Art, mainly drawing vehicles. And is apparently very good with almost all children and adults.
Weapons: Dry wit an a smartass sense of humor actual weapons include. Gattling machine gun, laser cannon, plain ol' laser, grappling hook, mini flamethrower, 2 missle launchers...and her personal favorite. A tazer.
Alliance: Autobot

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take note some of that is based on fanfiction of myself turned into a character